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Welcome to the Winter Newsletter


I hope you feel ready to settle into the most Yin months of the year.

In Chinese Medicine Winter is associated with the Water element – an element which is situated at both the beginning and the end of the 5 Element cycle.

Water represents downward energy…stillness and depth; it’s also all about our ability to change course and to flow around any obstacles that are in our way. Think about how water can be still, deep, flexible and yet still tremendously powerful.

The natural energy of the Water element is resting and still…this is the time to hibernate, cozy up and restore/recharge your batteries so you have plenty of energy for the more Yang months of the year.

Make sure you listen to your body & mind’s deep need for REST at this time of year.


Warm wishes






Taking Stock





Things to do in the Winter


  •  Get plenty of REST – early nights and late mornings
  • Take short naps during the day to restore energy
  • Take up a meditation practice – even just 10 minutes a day will make a difference
  • Keep your kidneys warm (the area around the back of your waist & lower back)
  • “Rubbing the Kidneys” is a Chi Gung exercise perfect for Winter & said to increase longevity
  • Take stock of where you are in your life
  • Take walks outside (wrapped up warm) but don’t overtire yourself
  • Gentle Yoga – high energy practices are not recommended at this time. Yin Yoga is great.
  • Work on releasing fear – the emotion associated with out of balance kidney energy
  • Try and “go with the flow” more rather than feeling like you’re moving against the tide




I’m really delighted that in the last 18 months or so the Yin Yoga class on Zoom fund-raised over £2500 for different charities in and around Letchworth and Hertfordshire. 100% of funds raised were forwarded to the recipient charities…Find out more about them here: Fundraising


The Yin class on Zoom runs monthly – usually the last Friday of each month - 6.30-8pm. Investment - £10 per session, or if fundraising, donation of your choice.

Our first class of 2022 takes place on 28 January.


The last Fundraising Yin Yoga class was on December 17 – we raised £200 for our recipient Charity: Open Art Box. These funds will support extra special Christmas-themed boxes for the charities particularly isolated participants.

Gratitude to everyone who participated/donated!


Open Art Box


Yin dates are as follows:


  • From 28 Jan 2022 onwards

Yin Yoga – last Friday of each month on Zoom – 6.30-8.00pm




Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training Course


We started our first Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training in the area in October 2021, and will be onto Module 4 in January.

The participants have made a great start and are just the most delightful group to work with – so motivated & interested. They’ve already developed a great bond with each other. Hard to believe that they are a quarter of the way through the training already. It’s super-rewarding to be part of everyone’s journey.

All being well, we’ll be running the course again once this group has graduated. Graduated! – just think of that! – Some more lovely Seasonal Yoga Teachers sharing this unique approach.

If the Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training Course is calling to you, contact me for a chat.

Find out more about this 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited course here:


Teacher Training


Seasonal Yoga Foundation Course


Feel like your life is out of balance? Learn how to put it back!


 “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures

but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”


TKV Desikachar


Open Art Box
Teacher Training