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Welcome to the Summer Newsletter

In the Chinese 5 Element model, Summer is ruled by Fire – the most Yang of all the elements, and the symbol of peak energy. Fire is the only element to have primary and secondary organs – these are the Heart/Small Intestine and the Pericardium/Triple Heater. In Seasonal Yoga, we teach a month or so of what we call “Early Summer” where we focus on the secondary Fire organs before moving into the main part of the Season.

If we look at what is happening in nature, everything is reaching its peak – plants are flowering, fruit and veg are rapidly growing. And in human nature we naturally feel the urge to connect to others, to socialise and to celebrate at this time.

The Fire element is associated with dynamism, warmth, enthusiasm, creativity…With too much Fire, you can become aggressive, impatient, over-excited; with too little joyless and lacking in motivation.

This is our strongest and most dynamic yoga practice of the year – we focus especially on sun salutations.

I hope Summer allows you to reach the peak of your creativity and connect joyfully to those you love.


Warm wishes






Ways to nurture your Fire Element:


  • Add the colour red into your clothing and/or home
  • Eat red summery foods such as berries and peppers; and cool foods rather than hot ones
  • Focus on your relationships; take time for your friends and loved-ones
  • Connect with your community – speak to neighbours; do some voluntary work; raise money for a local charity
  • Make sure you’re enjoying the fruits of your labour!
  • If you feel low in energy, depressed and reluctant to socialise, boost your Fire element by moving outdoors into the sunshine more, spending time with special people and finding an interest that you feel enthusiastic about
  • If you begin to feel “burnt out”, over-heated or over-excited, balance the Fire element with some watery activities such as meditation or Yin Yoga




A highlight of this last year has been raising funds for small local charities with my monthly Yin Yoga class on Zoom. It’s been so successful that I am continuing the class on Zoom in 2021.


So far we have raised money for: Letchworth Foodbank, Garden House Hospice, Citizen’s Advice, Green Care at Norton, Woody’s Wildlife Rescue, Open Artbox, Hettie’s Helpers (Hedgehog Rescue) and Feed Up Warm Up. All very worthwhile causes.


You can donate to the monthly cause whether or not you join the class. And if funds are an issue right now, you can join the class without making a donation.


Yin yoga is wonderfully soothing and calming, and a perfect complement to a more dynamic practice of any kind, and perfect if the weather is too warm or your Fire element is burning a little too brightly!


Email me for more information or a Zoom link:

Yin Yoga Fundraiser – last Friday of each month on Zoom – 6.30-7.45pm




Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training Course


I’m excited to announce that we plan to start the Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training course in September 2021. Our intention is that this will be a live in-person course throughout – Covid restrictions permitting naturally. If we have to we will transfer to Zoom but the situation looks hopeful as I write (May).

The dates and further information can be found here: Teacher Training Course


Teaching on the course will be from me, assisted by the lovely Melissa Campbell, with guest appearances from the co-creators of Seasonal Yoga, the inspirational Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd.


This really is the most amazing Course and I feel so blessed to be licensed to teach it. Nowhere else in this part of England will you find this… if you join us you’ll be part of a unique and exciting journey.


While the course prepares you to teach yoga, you can also take it as part of your personal evolution, even if you have no intention to teach in the future.


We’re getting an increasing number of enquiries now and spaces are limited. To find out more about this 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited course, to download a prospectus or watch video testimonials go here:


And when you’re ready to book email me straight away:




Saturday July 3, 2021: Cultivating Joy! – Summer themed wellbeing practices…A Seasonal Yoga Workshop with Rachel Williamson and Melissa Campbell. 2.00-5.30pm at the Westmill Centre, Hitchin.


Melissa & Rachel are excited to invite you to explore the season of Summer through the practices of Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine's Five Element Theory. As we join together after a year apart, our focus is on cultivating joy! You will learn how you can improve your health and wellbeing at this time of year through the art of movement, meditation, diet and other well-being practices. Expect to leave feeling inspired, renewed, radiant and filled with the positive energy of Summer. More details


To book your space, contact Rachel.


 “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures

but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”


TKV Desikachar