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Hello everyone

Welcome to the Summer newsletter

In the Chinese 5 Element System, the Summer is associated with the Fire Element and is the highest energy time of the year. The days are longer and we are inclined to get outside, socialise, get more done.

The main organs of the Summer are the Heart and Small Intestine, the meridians for which run up and down the arms. In a movement practice we would therefore emphasise shoulder and arm movements, as well as opening the chest/heart space.

When the energy of these organs is in balance we experience joy and enthusiasm for life.

May your Summer be joyful!

Love and light




Foundation Course news

I’m really excited to announce that I have been authorised to teach an official Seasonal Yoga Elemental Foundation Course in Letchworth – starting in September.

The course will run on Saturday afternoons, 1-6 pm starting 21 September and running until 15 February 2020.

The course teaches you what you need to know to build a solid home practice and integrate yoga into your life. The emphasis is on self-development through practising at home what has been discussed in the sessions. I genuinely believe this course is potentially life-changing. The course will include Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Anatomy and lifestyle.


Spaces are limited to 12 maximum. Read more about the course HERE.


Contact me for prices and details of how to book.


Summer Workshop and Fundraiser – update


A big thanks to everyone who supported this workshop… the proceeds of which have been donated to “Mind” in Herts – a charity which supports those experiencing mental health issues and difficulties.

I’m delighted to say we raised over £300! - as well as having a really lovely afternoon sharing yoga, herb tea, strawberries and some lovely banana loaf generously donated by one of the workshop participants. To find out more about the work of Mind in Herts, or make a donation  visit


May Retreat Update   

Last week 14 of us spent a couple of days on our Yoga Retreat at the Dower House in Hexton…enjoying yoga, amazing vegan food, gorgeous weather and each other’s company. Sharing community, feeling connected.

Thanks to everyone who participated.



Fascinating Fascia

There’s an increasing interest in Fascia, the connective tissue that holds our body together. In the past, anatomists have been far more interested in muscles and of course organ systems. But now there’s recognition of fascia’s importance and a lot more research going on.


Read more about what fascia actually is:


or... If you’re really fascinated by Fascia this YouTube video with expert Tom Myers makes for interesting viewing.

Tom Myers on yoga and fascia



An ethical Summer?

I don’t know how many of you use an Organic Box Scheme but I would highly recommend Riverford…excellent quality and an ethical company owned and run by everyone it employs!


Here’s a link to an article about making your Summer more ethical:



Diary Dates

Ahimsa Yoga diary dates


Sat 14 Sept – Late Summer Workshop – Yoga and Seasonal Diet

This Workshop will include seasonal yoga in both the Yin and Yang styles specific to the season. As the organ pair in focus in Late Summer are the Stomach/Spleen (considered the main organs of digestion in Chinese Medicine) we will take this opportunity to explore diet. Read More...


Sat 21 Sept - Seasonal Yoga Elemental Foundation Course starts. More details on the Course page

For prices and details of how to book, Contact me


Sat 9 November – Seasonal Workshop – Autumn

The organ pair of Autumn is the Lungs/Large Intestine. As well as an Autumn seasonal practice, in this workshop we will explore the breath and mantra. Further details to follow.


Sat 16 November – IYN Regional Day of Yoga – Westmill Centre, Hitchin. A lovely day of sharing yoga… open to all – beginners and improvers, members of the IYN and non-members. Sessions (with a wide variety of teachers) will include talks, meditation and pranayama as well as posture practices,. A full programme will be available shortly.

 Tickets from here:



 “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures

but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”


TKV Desikachar


Ahimsa Yoga diary dates