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Welcome to the Spring newsletter

In Spring the energy is rising!….The element of Spring is Wood which is all about growth. The dominant organ pair of Spring is the Liver/Gallbladder. The Liver/Gallbladder is one of the most dynamic organ pairs in Chinese Medicine and thus has a major influence on general wellbeing.

In our yoga practice we honour this rising energy with more standing postures, and will also stimulate the energy pathways or meridians of the Liver/Gallbladder with side bends and twists.

Enjoy increasing energy of Spring!




Feeling angry?

In Chinese Medicine all organs are associated with emotions, and in this system out-of-balance emotions can be both the result of or the cause of disease. For example unexpressed anger is seen as residing in the Liver. Read more about the relationship between organ and emotion, and specifically the Liver, here:




Get outdoors

Spring is a great time to get outside and enjoy the increasing light and warmer temperatures after Winter hibernation. And you can often feel more decisive and motivated to start new projects at this time of year. Why not take advantage of that enthusiasm and energy to make your garden more wildlife friendly? – There are some great tips here:




Spring food


The Spring diet should be light and emphasise the expansive qualities of Spring – so young plants and fresh greens are in.

The flavour of Spring (each season has one!) is sweet – that doesn’t mean eat lots of sweets and chocolate but enjoy grains and vegetables with a sweeter flavour… young carrots and beetroot are great.

Food preparation should be simpler at this time – steaming is excellent.

And avoid too much salt, fat and processed food.


This salad recipe is perfect for Spring – full of fresh greens:


Diary Dates

Ahimsa Yoga diary dates


Sat 15 June – Seasonal Half Day Retreat – Summer. This is a fundraising event. Profit will go to Mind in Hertfordshire. Join me for a half day retreat, encompassing Seasonal Yoga practices for the Summer with a focus on the Heart and Small Intestine meridians. Details on the events page.


Sat 14 Sept – Late Summer Workshop – Yoga and Seasonal Diet

This Workshop will include seasonal yoga in both the Yin and Yang styles specific to the season. As the organ pair in focus in Late Summer are the Stomach/Spleen (considered the main organs of digestion in Chinese Medicine) we will take this opportunity to explore diet. Read More...


Sat 9 November – Seasonal Workshop – Autumn

The organ pair of Autumn is the Lungs/Large Intestine. As well as an Autumn seasonal practice, in this workshop we will explore the breath and mantra. Further details to follow.


 “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures

but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”


TKV Desikachar


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Ahimsa Yoga diary dates