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Welcome to the Summer Newsletter

We find ourselves in strange and challenging times. As I write (at the end of May) all my live yoga classes, workshops and courses have been suspended and I am working with alternative media such as Zoom and video recordings to continue to make offerings available to those who want them.

We are moving into the time of the Fire element, normally a very sociable and outgoing time; and naturally with our activities restricted we are going to find this a little challenging. Especially with the wonderful weather calling to us to spend more time outside. Hang in there and see if you can find balance through a seasonal yoga practice.

In the 5 element system, unlike the other elements, FIRE (which governs the Summer) has 4 organs associated with it, and thus 4 meridians or energy lines.

In Seasonal Yoga we subdivide the season into Early Summer (Pericardium and Triple Heater) and Summer (Heart and Small Intestine). As already mentioned Summer is a time for community and relationships; having fun with family and friends; enjoying gatherings and parties. It’s the most Yang time of the year.

In our yoga practice we will be moving rhythmically, circulating energy, building heat…this is our most energetic practice.

I look forward to sharing with you in some shape or form.

Love and light




Foundation Course news

There’s never been a better time to focus on your health and wellbeing. If you’re feeling like you’re ready to delve deeper read more about our NEW Online Foundation Course which starts in July: Course Details


 I’m excited about this course, which I will be teaching with the assistance of the lovely Melissa Campbell.


Here’s what current students (just coming to the end of their course) are saying:


"I am really enjoying the Seasonal Yoga Foundation Course and would encourage anybody interested in dedicating some time and practice to self care to sign up. Rachel is a very  knowledgeable and experienced teacher. She delivers the course well and explains clearly the benefit of regular posture work, meditation and healthy home practices all of which combine beautifully. The emphasis on the 5 elements makes complete sense and is very interesting.  It has been wonderful getting to know some like-minded people, we have had some engaging conversation and by sharing our personal experience have learnt a lot from each other."


SK, Hitchin




“The course is really holistic. With Rachel’s guidance and course materials I gained the confidence and knowledge  to practice asanas at home. My mobility has also improved through more regular physical  practice. In the group meetings, we  explore personal aspects of well-being such as healthy eating habits, meditation and self -care.  I enjoy sharing and learning with the group. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone with a keen interest in leading a more wholesome lifestyle and bringing yoga into your day to day living.. You’ll learn a lot.”


RH, Letchworth



“The foundation course with Rachel has completely shifted my yoga practice, confidence and mindset. I have moved from having to follow a teacher to being able to plan and practice my own sequences at home, something I really struggled with. I feel much more in touch with my physical and emotional needs and have a much better understanding of the  seasonal elements. “


EW, Letchworth.




“I have attended Rachel’s classes for a few years and got to a point where I felt I needed more. Having struggled to develop a meaningful home practice as well as being ready to learn more, the Foundation Course has been the perfect way to progress my personal journey. I love Rachel’s style of teaching and am enjoying learning alongside such an amazing, diverse and supportive group of students.”


TP, Letchworth





The seasonal yoga course has been a fantastic experience and, it has taken my yoga practice to another level.

I feel l have the building blocks to develop and maintain a meaningful home practice and a greater appreciation for self care.


AT, Letchworth




In the longer term I will be bringing Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training to Letchworth. Details Here...   contact me if teaching in this way appeals to you.


Summer, the Heart and the Fire Element


This is a nice piece about Summer, the Fire element and the associated organs. It explains in more detail the functions attributed to the relevant organs, especially the heart, and the holistic view of these functions that Chinese Medicine embraces:


Summer Food


Summer is the time to eat cooler foods, like salads, and to eat less. The body doesn’t need as much fuel/energy as it’s not having to generate heat (certainly not at the moment!). So Summer is the perfect time to reduce your intake and up your movement if trying to lose weight. Salads can include grains, beans and cooked foods as well as the usual raw vegetables, so get creative!

For some tasty and unusual salad recipes try here: Summer Food


Diary Dates

Ahimsa Yoga diary dates


Aug 23 2020 - Online Foundation Course – see Foundation Course page

2021 – Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training. For the first time in Hertfordshire. For budding teachers and those wanting to take their practice to the next level. Further details of the course on this page here: contact me to register your interest.


 “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures

but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”


TKV Desikachar



Ahimsa Yoga diary dates