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Hi everyone,

Welcome to my Summer Newsletter.

Even in the UK we can expect sunnier and warmer weather in the Summer!

In the Chinese 5 Element System the Summer is associated with the energy channels (meridians or nadis) of the Heart and Small Intestine, which run mainly through the arms.

The energy of the Summer is at its peak, and very much joyful, expressive, open.

In this season’s yoga practice we will be stimulating and nourishing these meridians with plenty of arm & shoulder movements and chest/heart openers like backbends.

Enjoy your Summer,


“Practicing with total attention within the body is advanced yoga, no matter how easy the posture; practicing with your attention scattered is the practice of a beginner, no matter how difficult the posture”


H.David Coulter



“Set your life on fire.

Seek those who fan your flames”.




Spring daffodils


Our Retreat at the Dower House Hexton


We’ve been back only a few days from our wonderful yoga retreat at the Dower House.

We had such a special time, sharing lots of yoga, chatter, laughter, even a few tears.

It was a honour to share yoga with this lovely bunch of people.

I’m planning to return to this venue next year in May. If you’re interested do make contact.

As you’d expect, spaces are limited.



Yoga for health


We hear lots about how yoga is “good” for you. The proof of the pudding for me is on a personal basis…how does the practice make you feel, physically, mentally, spiritually? Over 35 years of practice my own experience has been profound on all those levels. That’s not to say that I don’t ever get ill, or angry or depressed, but I do feel that my ability to bounce back from all of these states of “dis-ease” has become much stronger…I am much more resilient. And yoga has seen me through some really tough times.


But for those of you who like the scientific bit, here’s a link to an article about how all those sun salutations can reduce inflammation!


Diary Dates

Ahimsa Yoga diary dates

20 June 2018      NEW Yin Yoga weekly class starts (Wednesday evenings).

Contact me for details.


30 June 2018 – Seasonal Yoga Workshop – Summer. See Events page for details.


8 Sept 2018 – Seasonal Yoga Workshop – Late Summer. See Events page for details.


17 November – Seasonal Yoga Workshop – Autumn. See Events page for details.


May 2019 – Yoga Retreat, Dower House, Hexton. Details coming soon.


 “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures

but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”


TKV Desikachar


© Ahimsa Yoga 2018

Spring daffodils
Ahimsa Yoga diary dates