Late Summer Yoga Workshop


Sat 14 Sept 2019

Evergreen Centre



This Workshop will include seasonal yoga in both the Yin and Yang styles specific to the Late Summer season.


The element of the Late Summer is Earth; the energy of our practice in this season is grounding and consolidating, great if you’ve had a hectic Spring and Summer and need to find balance or come back to your centre. There will also be a long relaxation.


The organ pair in focus in Late Summer are the Stomach/Spleen and these are considered the main organs of digestion in Chinese Medicine. So as well as our Yoga practice, in this session we will informally explore fashioning our diet to suit the energy of the season.


The afternoon will end with a herb/fruit tea and healthy seasonal snack!


Cost: £25 (my weekly students) £28 (others) £35 on the day

Contact me to book.


Sat 16 November – IYN Regional Day of Yoga – Westmill Centre, Hitchin. A lovely day of sharing yoga… open to all – beginners and improvers, members of the IYN and non-members. Sessions (with a wide variety of teachers) will include talks, meditation and pranayama as well as posture practices,. A full programme will be available shortly.

Tickets from here:


“The fruition of a committed yoga practice is the capacity to deeply relax the inner struggle with life’s paradoxes. Someone who is steeped in yoga is better able to tolerate the extremes of heat or cold, agility or immobility, sadness or joy, free from psychological confusion, resistance, or struggle”.

                                                                                               Sarah Powers