Autumn Seasonal Yoga Workshop – the breath, pranayama and mantra

Sat 09 November

Evergreen Centre Letchworth


This Workshop will include seasonal yoga in both the Yin and Yang styles specific to the Autumn season. We will focus on the breath in our asana practice and include pranayama and mantra.


In the Chinese 5 Phase system, the element of Autumn is Metal. The energy of our practice in this season is less energetic, more about refinement. In Autumn we consolidate…. it’s a time of looking back over the previous year…and then we decide to hold on to what we need for Winter and let go of the rest! – physically and emotionally. The organ pair in focus are the Lungs & Large Intestine.


The afternoon will end with a herb/fruit tea and healthy seasonal snack!


Cost: £25 (my weekly students) £28 (others) £35 on the day

Contact me to book.


Sat 16 November

IYN Regional Day of Yoga

Westmill Centre, Hitchin.

9.30am - 5pm

A date for your diaries!

A colourful and diverse variety of IYN Teachers, including current Chair of the IYN, Ellen Lee, run sessions through the day ranging from posture work through gong baths to meditation sessions. Sessions are suitable for all levels and open to everyone.

A full programme is available online (follow the link below).

The venue is the Westmill Community Centre, where we have the whole building to ourselves. Plenty of parking.

The ticket price (£35 IYN members, £45 non-member) gives you access to all the sessions across the day – no extras. Hot drinks are also provided at lunchtime and mid-afternoon.

Tickets from here:

A wonderful opportunity to experience a variety of teachers and meet other like-minded people…build community!

“The fruition of a committed yoga practice is the capacity to deeply relax the inner struggle with life’s paradoxes. Someone who is steeped in yoga is better able to tolerate the extremes of heat or cold, agility or immobility, sadness or joy, free from psychological confusion, resistance, or struggle”.

                                                                                               Sarah Powers