Seasonal Yoga Summer Immersive Mini Retreat


Come and immerse yourself in the energy of Summer! In the ancient 5 Element System from China, Summer is the most Yang time of the year – look at nature, the flowers, shrubs and trees, and see that energy has risen to its peak! Like nature, this is the time for us to be the most joyful, expressive and outgoing. However, too much of that energy can result in burn-out. So it’s all about balance and that’s what our session with work on…


This afternoon session will include:

  • Introduction to the energy, element & organs of Summer
  • Simple Well-being Tips for the Season
  • Qi Gong movements to balance & nourish Summer energy
  • Yang Flow Yoga specifically for the organs and energy channels of Summer
  • Some cooling Yin poses
  • Pranayama (breathwork) and simple meditation
  • A closing session to share experiences over a cup of tea & snack – a perfect end to the afternoon!


Working with the Summer energy will result in a feeling of being balanced, energised and ready to enjoy the rest of the year.


Date: Saturday 16 July

Time: 2.30-5.00pm

Cost: £35 if you are my weekly student £40 others – payable on booking

Spaces:  Limited

Location: Letchworth


“The fruition of a committed yoga practice is the capacity to deeply relax the inner struggle with life’s paradoxes. Someone who is steeped in yoga is better able to tolerate the extremes of heat or cold, agility or immobility, sadness or joy, free from psychological confusion, resistance, or struggle”.

                                                          Sarah Powers