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Letchworth 100 hour Foundation Course starts 21st September 2019.

Learn all about yoga.

The Foundation Course teaches you exactly what you need to build a solid knowledgeable home practice and integrate yoga into your life.

The sessions run over 10 modules, 2 Saturdays per month 1-6pm.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self" - The Bagavad Gita



5 Elements


5 Months of developing your yoga skills;








5 Gains



Better Posture,

Feel Calmer,

Reduce Stress,

Pain Relief



What will I study?

100 hours of developing your yoga skills, 50 hours in class, 50 hours home practice

20 + weeks of deepening your practice

5 Skills; yoga, meditation,pranayama, anatomy, lifestyle

5 Gains; strength, better posture, feel calmer, reduce stress, pain relief.


When is it on?

Saturday afternoons 1 - 6 pm


Dates; 2019

Sept 21 & 28 (Water Element)

Oct 26 & Nov 2 (Wood Element)

Nov 23 & Dec 7 (Fire Element)


Dates; 2020

Jan 4 & 25 (Earth Element)

Feb 8 & 15 (Metal Element)



Mrs Howard Memorial Hall, Letchworth



Course Fees


Deposit £150 to secure a place

plus balance of £475 (or payment terms of 3 payments of £160 due mid September, October, November)


To apply

email Rachel


for more details...